Future Making & Decision Planning

Now that I am in my twenties, every morning I wake up to face the crippling fear that is answering the question: What am I going to do with my life? More so, what is remaking of my life.

Most of my peers went to college, or got married and are starting families now, so they seem to be rather on track with life. I, on the other hand, am trapped in limbo. I did not go to college or any trade school and I cannot open up enough to have a boyfriend let alone start a family. I have zero motivation to do schooling now, and really I just want to roll over one morning and find out my writing took off and that I am a millionaire who only has to type letters on a keyboard for the rest of my days.

Unfortunately the likelihood of becoming a famous author is greater after I die than while I am alive. So what am I supposed to do with myself then? Although I am good at doing most things I am taught, and I am a fast learner, my only real passion is writing.

“Well there are lots of options for that!” those ambitious folks will say to me. They tell me I could get into news or freelance writing. People always need reviews, I can write reviews all day if I wanted. But that is not what I want, to write boring words and adjectives that do not express me, my emotion, or anything other judgement on someone else’s creativity.

I want to write fictional stories. I want to allow readers to escape from the real world and enter whichever one I have conjured up. I want to inspire others to be better with my words, and also to enjoy life through my fictional tales of redemption, triumph, and teamwork. That is what I want, but statistically speaking the odds are not in my favor.

This means that I, at the fresh age of twenty-one, must start decision planning and future making…I mean future planning and decision making. The point is I need to start deciding on what the f*** I am to do with the next thirty or forty years of my life and the only thing I can even decide on is the military.

The military has benefits, I do not need to have any experience, and if I enjoy it I can retire in twenty years. That means if I were to join now I could retire before I turned forty-two. It also will teach me discipline which we all know that these past three generations could use a bit more of that. Myself included obviously. All I have to do is pee clean and pass a physical and I could be on the path to the rest of my life.

Still, I worry about whether this is the right choice. I would be away from my family, my friends, and would not be able to have a relationship of my own or start a family of my own for another few years. Then again, my family is annoying, my friends are bad influences (not all of them, but many are), and I am currently friendzoning/ignoring multiple guys right now anyways, so maybe this is the best time to say eff it, and join. Perhaps now, while I am bitter towards life and all its happenings is the perfect time to just up and leave everything I know behind and start new.

Maybe then I would be able to figure out who I really am without any outer influences, and who I truly want to be. Or am I just trying to run away from my problems here in this small town…

What do you think? Is it wrong to leave everything behind in hopes of finding something better? Or should I just say eff it and settle down, get married, have a couple of kids, and let them live on to be my legacy?

Author: Macey_in_the_RealWorld

Another young upcoming writer in the world. From self-publishing on Amazon to blogging the daily struggles of being a young woman. My biggest hope is to become something extraordinary in this extra ordinary world.

3 thoughts on “Future Making & Decision Planning”

  1. I understand where you are coming from. Of course, I am not in my twenties, I am a little older than that, but face the same things you do. I have always dreamed of writing an excellent book, but still have yet to do so. I did start a blog about 3 years ago, which started off about Multiple Sclerosis because it is something I have lived with for 19 years. I am trying to get involved with freelance writing, but it is a little overwhelming because I questioning myself way too much! I looking forward to reading more of what you share! I hope you have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I’d love to look into your blog because I honestly have no clue what Multiple Sclerosis is. My advice for writing, just do it as you can and don’t force it. Hopefully you complete a book of your own someday, Alyssa! It really is a great accomplishment once done. Even if no one ever reads it🤷
      Glad to have you on board for my blogging journey, happy weekend ♥️

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      1. You are very welcome! Multiple Sclerosis isn’t anything fun. It comes with a lot of pain, which is difficult to handle. Most of the time, writing comes easy to me. Writing helps me relax and deal with life’s challenges. The book I want to write will be loosely based on a true story, my journey with MS.
        I am glad to be on board with your blogging journey! I know you will be successful!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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